We've met Romeo.
Is he the romantic hero he's painted as in songs and poetry?  (Thanks, Taylor Swift!)
What's your opinion of our newly introduced tragic hero?

And don't forget - you can comment on each other's comments as well - keep the discussion going!



Robert G.
04/11/2013 1:18pm

He wants new love.

Shaunna Philicity Mccracken
04/11/2013 1:21pm

He wants a new love.

04/11/2013 3:00pm


Noah K.
04/11/2013 1:19pm

No, he's definately not what he's made out to be...he seems incredibly strange.

04/11/2013 1:19pm

hmm not sure

04/11/2013 1:19pm

No Because He's A Bit Different Than What Everyone What Him Tu Be. Ih Think He Is A Weird Fella Nd Confusing xD

Alaina Pearson
04/11/2013 1:19pm

He is still young and does not have a good idea of what true love really means....

Keyanna Oliphant
04/11/2013 1:19pm

I am trying to not make opinions about the Romeo and Juliet characters because I don't really like this play. I'm not a romantic person. No offense.

Hope M.
04/11/2013 1:20pm

He seems distant

Kristin C.
04/11/2013 1:20pm

Romeo is going through a depressed state in this scene. He had just found out the girl who that he thought was the love of his life, Rosaline, does not love him. So, he's searching for someone who'll love him back.

Nick O'
04/11/2013 1:21pm

Romeo is a figure who is becoming obsessed with love to the point where he can not be away from his loved one for a second. He helps give the story a dramatic appeal which is caused by his tragic conflict.

Nicoma Q.
04/11/2013 1:22pm

He believes love should be happy, which he is not until he meets Juliet

Dallas Olsen
04/11/2013 1:23pm

I think Romeo is a bit different then I thought he would be. Its also weird hearing that he is in love with someone other then Juliet.

Lovisa Brinson
04/11/2013 1:23pm

Well, since we didn't finish reading the whole Scene, I can't say anything about the future. But, from what we did read, he seems kinda, well, weepy? He seems like a lost little boy who is giving up on everything and thinks that nothing good will come to him. He goes on and on about how his love-life is never going to turn out right, and he is holding back from Benvolio on who she is. He is like a guy version of a drama queen (well, he is supposed to be! Obviously since it is a Tragedy, Drama Production)

But, no, he is not at all acting like a big buff hero at all. Probably throughout the play he will change, no doubt. In the meantime, he needs to man up!

zachary allen
04/11/2013 1:24pm

he seems suspicious

Abby Duffy
04/11/2013 1:28pm

Romeo and Juliet is a great play and book. He wants new love and new experiences. Love is different experiences. I love the movie,play,and book. Juliet is a great character. I always want to be Juliet. My mom loves this kind of plays. Romantic love is different than normal love. Dating is different.

Bethany Dennis
04/11/2013 2:51pm

I think he will become the charactor we all know by the end but as of now he is living a life that he's not the most famous for. I think he's ok

Joeylynn Redd
04/11/2013 11:11pm

No he's more shy and depressing

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